There's a million things I wanna  say to you
If you were here
How every second of life is difficult
Or how long are every hours
How things are going on with me
And how everythings all dark
There's a million thing I wanna say to you
If we were not so far apart

There have been days, I wish
I wish you were here
To tell me how your day was
And tell what made you mad
There's a hundreds of things I want to show you
If only I can
But you are not here and we're miles apart
And we can't understand.

I would give the world to tell you
What happened with me
How I miss you everyday
And live life in repeat
No gold is worth your smile
No glory worth your touch
Northern lights can't match the
Sparkle in your glare
There's a million thing I have to tell you
But you're not here
I die a little inside everytime

Wishing you were here.