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Rainbow in the Rain

May 31, 2015 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

And for a moment I thought
you were my absolution
My Holy Grail
my fountain of Youth
the times I thought you
the colors to my brush
the senses to my touch
like a thousand running Deers
Resting at a sunset
I thought I found you

Shattered Glasses

May 19, 2016 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

The hands of clock
Have faltered to tick
Broken, down and glass shattered
Along the floor
I could still picture your image
As you walk past shutting the door.

I froze there like snow on December
As you walked over the glass
And in my...

While the Coffee's getting cold !

Dec 17, 2016 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

The winds blow slowly
chilled winter weather
The warm coffee on the table
Grows ever so colder
stand and stare
is all I have done
Thinking of the last night
and what you said on the phone
How you giggled and laughed
and how you smiled...

Look what we've become !

Mar 24, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

I saw razor in your eyes the first time

piercing through my heart

I still see razor in your eyes

tearing me apart

I felt magic in your voice

drowning me in feels

I still feel the magic

drowning me to abyss

Your touch...

The Suffocated City

Apr 20, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

The chaos and the clashes
the burns and the ashes
it's not the world war you seek of
Its the everyday life I speak of
wake up and rush,
rush before you take a breathe
rush to the hollow pride
devouring you
rush to the race of survival

All We Need

May 16, 2015 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

Sometimes There is nothing wrong

 sure as hell it feels like so

like you stand there wishing for more

Like the fading voice of the distant song

like the thoughts that wakes you up the night

or the face that lingers on your sight


Let's Lie a Little

May 09, 2015 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

Let's lie a little
You lie while you lay on my arms
And I’ll lie while I sleep on your lap
Let’s pretend we don’t know
Of the girl that texts me 
Let’s pretend I am unaware
Who comes over when I’m not here

February 31st

Nov 11, 2014 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

Colors seem to fade, the lights begin to dim

Transpires the loneliness, the thousand sounds of scream

Fathom deep the lucid feel seems all so vivid

From the rush of blood to the chill of the bone, ounces worth livid

From the hollows in the air to the chills...


Oct 28, 2014 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

For the roses are no red

For I stand all blue

The steps you walked out on

Still scents of you


For the whites in the wall

Once filled with your picture

They echo to me of the solitude

Complain I have been all bi...

The Silent Shade

Sep 21, 2014 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

Look the shoulder you cry on is slowly shrinking down
The sound that comforted you all wiped out
The touch that soothed you all just a thought
The smile for your every world all wiped down

No, they still care, care as much as they did
Long for your sight and...

Today we just leave

Aug 22, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 1

We met before
And will meet again
May be in a different time
May be in a different world
May be when your love is
Searching for a home
May be when my heart is
Vacant for your soul
When we could look at each other
Through the eyes deep...


Aug 29, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

There is no sense in sunlight
no sense in the moon
the sense in the falling rain
or the drizzled grass with dew
I stare to the blank wall
die a little inside
contemplate the mess I made
and the lives I destroyed
had the best of life

The final farewell

Apr 05, 2018 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 2

Wake up my human friend,
from your slumber sleep
I call you out this late night
to tell you how I feel
I see you breathing slow
in the world of your dreams
but I must wake you tonight my friend
and a farewell I must bid
you taught me to spea...

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