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The Colored Walls

Jun 22, 2015 by Sajak Upadhyaya Erotics 0

I dream with you of starry nights
I dream about the twinkling lights
And you lay your head on my shoulders
And the cold wind makes your skin get colder
And you put your arms around me tight
And I think how you beautiful you look tonight
I brush the hair a...

The Song of Forbidden Love

Oct 29, 2015 by Sajak Upadhyaya Erotics 0

The aroma of your olive skin
The fragrance of your tender breathe
Clouding senses and beating heart
As you lay tonight in my chest
Your soft breathe on my neck
And tender skin up my chest
The eyes then look at me and say
There is no bars, no limits...

Haciendo el amor

Jul 02, 2015 by Sajak Upadhyaya Erotics 0

They say love knows No boundaries
No Wake, No Fall
No rise , never dull
I sit here admiring your perfection
As you turn around to walk slow
The last piece of the robes on you
Skipping down on the aureate glow

You walk past the table with yo...


May 07, 2015 by Sajak Upadhyaya Erotics 1

I will bruise your lips and Scar your knees

Pull your hair and grind your hips

Grab your neck and Pull you close

Till you gasp for air on torn out blouse

When I push my lips and hold you tight

There’s no bar for the limits tonight


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