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Thy Desiderium

Jul 05, 2015 by Sajak Upadhyaya Dark 0

I yearn for the shining stars
twinkling in your eyes
Hazel, deep and Bright
To heal my unseen scars

I long for the touch of thee
to heal the bruises of my soul
I crave the sound of yours
to set my demons free

I long f...


Jan 27, 2016 by Sajak Upadhyaya Dark 0

Among the darkness in the deepest depth
Amidst of silence in the chaos
Bewildered among the confused thoughts
The struggle of the ethos
There lies an insanity
Bounded by the will
There in lies a salvation
Clouding what is real
My fight for t...

A Bagful of Misery

Jul 06, 2016 by Sajak Upadhyaya Dark 16

Smiles wither
As sun goes down
Masks fall
As the doors lock behind
A glimpse in the mirror
Of a soul pitch black
Reflection of
A mind so dark
A fight for survival
Amidst dying miracles
A bagful of misery
Waiting to unrav...


May 10, 2015 by Sajak Upadhyaya Dark 0

So you think it's easy to love me

Or how I could be the man you dream

Of the life you always fantasized

Perfect, calm and clean

I am far from what you dream of

I am the existential crisis

Of a man trying to do all he could


Sleepless Skies

Aug 19, 2014 by Sajak Upadhyaya Dark 0

Gloom are the clouds I think of you tonight

Dim are the lights and breezes transpire

Cursed with your memories the sorrows that passed

Down with those vibes, that said but seldom last

I think of thy touch and the bliss of thee sense

Delve back in...

Thy Graveyard By The Moonlight

Apr 27, 2014 by Sajak Upadhyaya Dark 0

Dark Bestows the night, I wait by the fire

Fathoms deep in thoughts thou memories conspire

Drops the whisper, winds in my ear, seldom its clear

Inches deep and lost I begged you appear

Night crawls into its full youth, the darkness covers the eyes


Aug 14, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Dark 0

You'd hear silence in my voice
And thunder in my silence
When the quietness creeps
Slowly in the veins
You'll hear my thunder
Shudder and slams of my soul
You'd hear them all
And then may be we can go back
Wishing how it was


Aug 17, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Dark 0

Do you feel the chills of quiet midnight
How they are dark and beautiful
Engulfing you to abyss
Like the world is not here
And everything is right
And no one would notice
when you go amiss.

The quiet is a bliss
And the darkness is...

Split Personality

Oct 04, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Dark 2

You have a split personality disorder
They diagnosed
Said I live as two people
In one body
The existence of two souls
To each has its own reality
Each has its scars
The boundary for the one
Is the start for the next
The sanity for fir...

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