Today we just leave

Aug 22, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 1

We met before
And will meet again
May be in a different time
May be in a different world
May be when your love is
Searching for a home
May be when my heart is
Vacant for your soul
When we could look at each other
Through the eyes deep...


Aug 17, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Dark 0

Do you feel the chills of quiet midnight
How they are dark and beautiful
Engulfing you to abyss
Like the world is not here
And everything is right
And no one would notice
when you go amiss.

The quiet is a bliss
And the darkness is...


Aug 14, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Dark 0

You'd hear silence in my voice
And thunder in my silence
When the quietness creeps
Slowly in the veins
You'll hear my thunder
Shudder and slams of my soul
You'd hear them all
And then may be we can go back
Wishing how it was

The Suffocated City

Apr 20, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

The chaos and the clashes
the burns and the ashes
it's not the world war you seek of
Its the everyday life I speak of
wake up and rush,
rush before you take a breathe
rush to the hollow pride
devouring you
rush to the race of survival


Apr 07, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Romantics 0

I wish for an autopsy

of my soul

where I could stand still

and you one by one

piece by piece

look at all

the parts filled ;

filled from your love.

See how your smile

make me move

and how your voice...

Look what we've become !

Mar 24, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

I saw razor in your eyes the first time

piercing through my heart

I still see razor in your eyes

tearing me apart

I felt magic in your voice

drowning me in feels

I still feel the magic

drowning me to abyss

Your touch...


Feb 13, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Romantics 0

Feed me all the poison
Intoxication in your voice
Feed me all the deepest secrets
Hidden in your eyes
I will learn to dance to
The rhythm of your heart
And grace my life to your beat
Till the day it lasts.

Feed me all the magic

Her !

Jan 11, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Romantics 0

And when the sun comes out
it asks her gently
if it could be brighter than her
and her smiles
and her pearl like eyes
and when she nods yes
you see the bright sky
storms are when she is fierce and
and the layer of her watery eyes...

While the Coffee's getting cold !

Dec 17, 2016 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

The winds blow slowly
chilled winter weather
The warm coffee on the table
Grows ever so colder
stand and stare
is all I have done
Thinking of the last night
and what you said on the phone
How you giggled and laughed
and how you smiled...

कहिले काही

Aug 09, 2016 by Sajak Upadhyaya Nepali 1

कैले काही लाग्छ आँफै मा हराउ
लाठिएर एकान्त मा कुरा खेलाउ
हजार तारा हरु को बिच मा एउटा जुन
को आश देख्ने यो मन लाई बहलाउ
कैले काही लाग्छ एक बधशाला जाउ
आफू लाई मारेर नयाँ बुद्ध जन्माउ

कैले काही सोच्छु मा शब्द हरु को जाल 
म दुब्दै भाव को ड...

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