Only if you were here

Aug 27, 2018 by Sajak Upadhyaya Romantics 0

There's a million things I wanna  say to you
If you were here
How every second of life is difficult
Or how long are every hours
How things are going on with me
And how everythings all dark
There's a million thing I wanna say to you

Oceans Between Us

Jul 07, 2018 by Sajak Upadhyaya Romantics 0

I wish the lines on the map
Were as small as they looked
So I could jump some paces
And catch a glimpse of you
Its not even the same stars
The same moon we see
I wish the borders shrunk
And brought you home to me
I will hold your hand one mo...


Apr 18, 2018 by Sajak Upadhyaya Romantics 3

Somewhere inside a box in my chest
I keep you safely
And all the promises
And all vows
tucked away deep
Where nobody but me
Can see them.
I hide it from the world
And keep them for me
My brightest stars
My sun and my moon

The final farewell

Apr 05, 2018 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 2

Wake up my human friend,
from your slumber sleep
I call you out this late night
to tell you how I feel
I see you breathing slow
in the world of your dreams
but I must wake you tonight my friend
and a farewell I must bid
you taught me to spea...

The Magic of your Light

Nov 12, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Romantics 0

The waves of time
brisk and harsh
washed me to your shores
dark clouds and stormy sky
and my feet buried in sand

I followed the light

on the distant lighthouse

dim like a dying candle

the breeze singing

the songs of the...

Split Personality

Oct 04, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Dark 2

You have a split personality disorder
They diagnosed
Said I live as two people
In one body
The existence of two souls
To each has its own reality
Each has its scars
The boundary for the one
Is the start for the next
The sanity for fir...

I saw a Therapist - I

Sep 20, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya prose 2

Okay ! Not one of my proudest post or not something many would like to share. Despite people saying there is no shame in asking for help, the thought of you crumbling under your own thoughts, drowning in it is never easy. So I don't know how I would put it. It was a normal day in every way, b...

I call out your name

Sep 02, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya uncategorised 0

I call out your name
when I am drunk
or sober
I call out your name
when I am asleep
in dream
or wide awake .
through consciousness and sleep
and deep drowned slumber
or when the booze run
like a current in my bloodstream



Aug 29, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya Sad 0

There is no sense in sunlight
no sense in the moon
the sense in the falling rain
or the drizzled grass with dew
I stare to the blank wall
die a little inside
contemplate the mess I made
and the lives I destroyed
had the best of life

Till the sun Lasts

Aug 24, 2017 by Sajak Upadhyaya uncategorised 0

If I could make sense of

something so obvious

like the warmth of the sun

and glow of the stars

I would make sense of your beauty

lusciously evident

how grace is the next word

for the way you walk,

how sweet is the wor...

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